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Friday, May 25, 2018

Was there an algorithm update yesterday i.e. on 24th May 2018? Nothing official yet, but there were many chatters going on in the BlackhatWorld and WebmasterWorld. A few days back, around 17th May 2018, there were more fluctuations reported by most of the tracking tools.

The discussion started yesterday in the forums, report that the fluctuations are intermittent. Many of them have seen their rankings jumping here and there in a very short period of time. Many webmasters believe that this can be a Google dance or a small data refresh. Now one is still confident about this update.

Below I have highlighted few discussions going on in the forum threads.
We're seeing a completely different set of results today. Much more like the results from 3 months ago... more tweaks?

More oddball traffic patterns...three days in a row, one conversion at 7 am +/- 15min...then nothing the rest of the day. Traffic coming in drip fashion again, same old same old. Referral spam is rampant.

To me it looks a bit like they reversed the update they did in early March, the sites I see dropping are the sites that went up in early March and now returned to the "old" positions.

The Yoast issue isn't related to these drops, it's certainly not helpful, but non-Wordpress sites were affected the same way at about the same time. Would be nice if the solution would be that easy, but unfortunately, it isn't for sure. 
Some are speculating that it may be because of the Yoast SEO plugin bug while others are of the opinion that Google has updated its algorithm. Still, there are very few chatters on this, so it’s hard to conclude anything.

Below I have shared the screenshots of the tracking tools.







The above monitoring tools have reported a spike in the volatility of SERP’s, but still nothing official yet. So if you also report any fluctuations in your search engine rankings, plz share it with us using the below comment box. I will also be tracking it and sharing real-time updates with you all.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Hello Friends,

It’s been long, I have shared anything here. Actually, was caught up with some personal allegiances. Anyways, now I would like to be more active with some really good research materials in the digital marketing niche. 

As a daily routine, I was surfing the web and came across a great piece of information “About Personalized Search on Google”. This use to be a notional subject of discussion, whenever I and my team use to find different search results for the same search terms. We all had our own opinions/research on Google’s personalized search. But no one was 100% sure about their statements/facts about getting different search results for same search terms.

google personalized search results

But lately, I came across a blog post on, where Barry Schwartz has shed some light on this. In a discussion between him and a senior level Googler (working on search) about Google Personalized Search, the spoke person from Google said that “that it is really barely anything there with personalized search. What does matter is your location and language in terms of personalization but your search history and what information Google has about your likes, dislikes and demographics are not really used to make the search results better for you.” 

There’s also a tweet from Danny Sullivan of Google saying “personalization of results is very light”. He also added, “Most people searching in the same language and the same location will see largely the same things”. 

From the above words by official Googlers, we can conclude that location and language are far more influential about why results differ. There may be many other factors influencing the search results to differ, but location and language are the most vital. 

If there’s something else that you came up with your research on “Google Personalized Search”, then please feel free to share it in the below comment box. This will help everyone to understand more about this topic.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

google algorithm update
Hi Friends, It’s been a long time I have published any post on my blog. Actually was caught up with a busy and hectic work schedule. So was not able to share any views or updates here.

Yesterday I noticed that there was an immense chatter in the webmaster forum with regards to a possible google search raking or algorithm update. But no one was confident enough that it was a specific algorithm change or it was because of the change in interface. Hence the thread was flooded with a lot of different queries. 

There was no confirmation from Google that there was anything new that they are pushing in their algorithms. The only thing Google comments nowadays is that “They are making changes in their algorithm in real time, and they are continuously working hard to improve the search experience of a user by updating their search algorithms.” 

No changes in the “Weather” have been reported by any of the automated Google tracking tools for this changes in the search rankings. Maybe in a day or a two we can see some changes in the Google tracking tools “Weather Report”. 

Also nothing major has been seen in the Google forums regarding these changes, but still there is a chatter in SEO and webmaster forums regarding the ranking fluctuations. Below I have listed few mentions regarding this chatter tracked in the webmaster forum. 

“Seeing two sets of results. One obviously one better than the other. 
Bad set: traffic about 5% no user action, no transactions, bounce 100% good result: normal traffic, user action, bounce at 30%, normal sales” 
“I'm seeing a few drop in visitors on my site. Might be it has something to do with this update or else.” 
“Whatever they did but today we have a drop of 50% right now with bounce at 99%.” 

If you also have anything specific to share about this, feel free to drop your valuable inputs in the below comment box. I will be keeping track on this and shall cover all important updates regarding this chatter in my next post. 

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