Webmasters With Hacked Sites Receiving One-On-One Support from Google

A new thread at Google webmaster help on 26th Feb, 2015 was something new for me. A webmaster got a direct email from Google offering one-on-one help to help him fix his hacked site issue. He was not sure that the email he received was legit or not. So he posted this thread at Google webmaster help forum to confirm that the email he received was from Google itself or not.

Here’s the copy of the email he received:

Subject: Would you like to talk to Google about your hacked site?

Hi, this is Eric from Google, and I work on helping webmasters. The Google webspam team recently discovered that your website was hacked. I know that cleaning up a hacked site can be difficult, so I’m reaching out to see if there is anything I can do to help you with your clean-up efforts. Feel free to let me know what you’ve done so far and anything you might need help with. Sincerely,

Eric Webmaster Relations Specialist

On the webmaster’s query Google’s Eric Kuan replied him that it was he who has emailed him and the email was legit.

Here’s the copy of Eric’s reply in the thread:

This email was sent by me. I’ve been sending emails to people whose site has been compromised to give them more guidance about how to fix their site and understand how we can improve how we help webmasters. Feel free to respond directly to that email to contact me. If you’re more comfortable in the forums, I along with the other superb contributors in the help forums can help you work through any problems you might have on your site in here.

Now Google is sending direct emails to some webmasters offering them one-on-one help to fix issues related to their hacked sites, so they can again rank well in search results without losing much traffic.

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