The Journey from Google Webmaster Tools to Google Search Console

After cracking a whip over SEO community, the brand Google is all ready to reinvent itself! No, no here I am not hinting towards a new update rather the internet giant is looking towards search inclusiveness.

Thinking About What Exactly I am Talking?

Well, here I am talking about one of the most sought after tool introduced by Google for web administrators, Google Webmaster tool. Yes! This tool has been constantly used by SEO specialist to monitor the website visibility, to optimize ranking of the website and make informed decision about site’s search results. Though this tool offer myriad of benefits to the end-users, but it seems that the webmaster element of the name is deterring other people from using it.

So, considering all the above-mentioned factors Google has announced a new name for Google Webmaster Tools known as Google Search Console. A service not limited for the grandiose title of web administrators, which if you don’t know is a person responsible for maintaining a website.

Google Search ConsoleWhat Exactly is Google Search Console?

As the name suggests, Google is consolidating its users, wherein it will target everyone, starting from web designers to search engine optimizers to marketers and hobbyists.

When This New Brand Name Will Roll Out?

This revamped branding will be on board within few weeks. Excited, so I am!

I will share more insights on the new brand Google Search Console in my upcoming posts. Feel free to share your thoughts on the new brand name of Google in the below comment box.

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