Myths Uncovered About Google Mobile Friendly Update @ 21st April 2015

After hammering down digital media piracy, spammy links and duplicate content, Google has taken yet another step to protect the searcher. Yes! Google has rolled out the much awaited mobile friendly update on 21st April 2015. Like any other update, this algorithm change has also shocked the SEO community. Perturbed? Well, don’t be! In this article, I will provide you the detailed information about what this update is and how you can arm yourself.

In June 2013, Google introduced penalty for sites that were not mobile friendly hinting that storm is yet to begin and now when it has arrived let’s understand the intricacies about the latest update.

I know you must be having many questions related to this update. Let’s take it one by one and get more insights on this update.

Why Google is Making a Proverbial Switch?

Q1 2015 Mobile Traffic Sources
As smartphone users are growing significantly, it is important to knock down non-mobile friendly blogs and website. Hence, Google has cracked down a whip on web administrators to make it more responsive and efficient. This could impact 40% of Fortune 500 websites, according to the latest reports.

Fortune 500 Mobile Friendly Survey

Fortune 500 Mobile Friendly Survey

Top 20 Mobile Friendly Fortune 500

What This Update is All About?

Google has announced that it will perk up the rankings of mobile friendly pages on the search results.

To Whom Will It Affect?

This update will affect;

  • Sites that are searched often on mobile devices.
  • It applies to individual pages not to overall websites.

What If I don’t Upgrade?

Those sites that aren’t optimized for smartphone’s small screen would see a downgrade in page rank.

Will This Update Have Impact on Desktop Users?

Well, the answer is a big NO. It will have impact on the mobile searchers (that is growing at a rapid rate) and it will boost up mobile friendly pages on Google mobile search results.

Will This Affect Tablet Users?

It will have no great impact on the tablet users, as this experiment is still limited to smartphones, but the future is uncertain. You never know what’s in the store, next!

Is My Website Mobile Friendly?

To check whether your website is mobile friendly or not, just click on mobile friendly test tool. It will ask your web page URL and report whether the page has mobile friendly web design or not.

Website mobile friendly or not?

Remember, a web page cannot be partially mobile friendly.

How to Make a Website Mobile Friendly?

Though you are creating a website on desktop or laptop, but ensure that it adheres to mobile usability norms. Like:

  • Add relevant content to the website.
  • Set mobile friendly width of the site.
  • Set image width.
  • Set input width to 100%.
  • Sometimes it is necessary to display the whole link, like bank account or URL that sometimes extend off the edge of the screen. The solution is to use word-wrap style. It will break it to the next line.
  • Be more responsive to the user demands.
  • Opt for standard fonts.
  • Consider social media plug-ins that lets you to interact with the customer directly.
  • Add target styles inside the media queries (for web designers).
  • Kick out the empty pages.
  • Knock down flash from your website.
  • Pay heed to Google Doorway page update-Create responsive web design- Responsive web design is where the similar HTML code is sent to all devices like laptops, desktop, but the browser is instructed on how to adjust the screen according to the screen size.

What Exactly is a Mobile Friendly Website?

As Google explains, in order to be considered as a mobile friendly website, its text has to be easily read without tapping or zooming in, and the page should avoid horizontal scrolling. In simple words, the site should be easily usable.

Will It Impact The Speed of Website?

No, it won’t. Rather it contains certain plug-ins that boost up the speed of your site.

How Will I Benefit As a Website Administrator?

The benefits of making mobile friendly sites are not limited for Google and consumers- they are beneficial for the site owners too. For sites that are mobile optimized, the query will be forwarded to smartphone sites, which means that there will be automatic increase in the website turnover.

Is There Anything I Need to Fear About?

Well, Google warns that initially there may be a significant decrease in mobile traffic, but slowly and steadily Google will automatically re-process the site pages.

How Can Website Owners Expedite the Process?

Site owner can expedite the process by using Fetch as Google with Submit to Index; the pages will then be treated as mobile friendly in ranking.

This means that this paradigm shift to the mobile cannot be ignored any longer by big brands or small ones. So each and every website owner needs to take an immediate action to make his website mobile friendly in-order to be in the race.

The last and the final important question that every website owner or webmaster should ask themselves;

Is My Website Mobile Friendly?

If your website is not mobile friendly then take the first step and get a mobile website. You can refer the above points to consider before developing a mobile website. I hope the above points answers up-to your satisfaction, but still if you have any more quires/questions regarding a mobile friendly website or on the new Google mobile friendly update, feel free to ask it in the below comment box. I would be glad to answer your questions.

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